How Weddings Work: Ring Warming

For smaller weddings (under 50 guests), a Ring Warming can add a unique ritual to your ceremony that will have guests intrigued at the time, and talking about long after. The theory is that metal absorbs energy – be that heat from hands holding them, or from positive thoughts and prayers imbued into them.

At the beginning of your ceremony, with your rings in a safe pouch, box, or tied together, your officiant will tell your guests to take a moment and send warming energies into your rings, then they are passed into the audience. While the rest of your ceremony is commencing, guests spend a silent moment with your rings, then pass them along to the next person. By the time the Ring Exchange is to happen, your rings have wound their way back to the front, and can be retrieved by a member of the wedding party.

For larger weddings, another option is to have your rings tethered to a post or table at the entrance to the aisle, with a sign asking guests to spend a moment with them before being seated. They are then retrieved immediately before the ceremony starts and held by the best man or officiant.

Whichever version you choose, your rings will have warmed – physically and spiritually – before you give them to your beloved during the ceremony. This ritual is also wonderful for guests of multiple religions, or no religion, to send their unique energy without feeling left-out or uncomfortable. Each guest can decide if they want to pray over them, send positive thoughts, or simply touch/warm them with their hands.

Guests love to feel involved in your wedding. A Ring Warming can be a wonderful way for both those invited, and for you, to feel all the love brought to your new marriage.

– Reverend Meghan Gurley