How Weddings Work: Closing Words/Prayer

You’ve made it through the hardest parts of your wedding ceremony – the parts where you speak. Now it’s time to wrap things up. This would be an ideal time to have a closing prayer. The Lord’s Prayer (“Our Father, Who art in Heaven…”) is very popular, because most of your guests will know it and pray it out loud with your officiant. However, any prayer is appropriate as a final blessing on your new marriage.

Another option is to remind your guests that you’re counting on them to support you during your marriage, as they have by attending your wedding. Admitting that all couples go through “rough patches” and might require some advice or support from friends and relatives makes your guests feel loved and important.

This prayer or closing statement doesn’t have to be long, because everyone wants to hear what comes next – The Pronouncement.

– Reverend Meghan Gurley